JPMS Module Path question

Peter Kriens peter.kriens at
Fri Jun 16 06:55:22 UTC 2017

In the current summary in (which I understand was pat of the input to the vote), the following things were wrong: 

	* Grammar (package declaration allowed together with a module declaration), and
	* Several attribute descriptions were missing []

And of course the not so unimportant concepts like the UnnamedModule, AutomaticModule, enumerated, and read concepts are completely missing from the summary. Since I wrongly assumed the absence of these concepts in the summary was caused by them being  runtime concepts and not JLS concepts I ignored them in the first article. However, the draft now shows they’ve become first class citizens, also for compiling. So I will create an update soon.

Just citing in the summary that it is out of date would have helped me a lot.

Kind regards,

	Peter Kriens

> On 15 Jun 2017, at 20:54, Alex Buckley <alex.buckley at> wrote:
> On 6/15/2017 7:51 AM, Peter Kriens wrote:
>> I agree with you that it is a useful document but I think it is very confusing that certain sections are now just wrong.
> Please identify a section that is "just wrong".
> Alex

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