Re-export (was: Updated JSR-277 specification (04/19/2007))

Michal Cierniak cierniak at
Mon May 14 15:40:08 PDT 2007


Do you also think that JSR-294 will have to understand re-exports to
correctly enforce information hiding at compile time?  If so, do you
expect that if module A imports and re-exports module B then all of
B's exports will be added to A's exports?  If this question is
answered in the draft, I missed the answer.

Independently of 294's decision, do you think that this should happen
for 277 modules?  I don't have a strong preference one way or another
but I think that it may be a little better if we required that B's
exported classes are added to A's export list.  The benefit is that
some of the resolution and validation algorithms might become simpler.
 The downside is that we will repeat information in multiple places.
We would have to decide what happens if the B's exports as seen at the
time of building A are different form the actual exports of the
version of B that is wired at runtime and from this point of view, I
can see arguments pro and con (personally I think that this will be
better overall but I can imagine that others may have a different


On 5/14/07, Stanley M. Ho <Stanley.Ho at> wrote:
> Hi JSR 277 experts,
> If you still have any input on the updated early draft specification,
> please send them in as soon as possible.
> Thanks,
> - Stanley

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