Reminder: i18n strawman

Bryan Atsatt bryan.atsatt at
Tue May 15 16:50:30 PDT 2007

Yes, I was going to point this out as well. In fact, at Oracle, our
translators *require* us to use ListResourceBundle subclasses. They will
not translate property file based resource bundles; I've never gotten a
full answer as to the reason for this, but I think it is a tools

This same restriction was imposed when I was at IBM, so I would guess
that it may be widespread...

// Bryan

Michal Cierniak wrote:
> Glyn, thanks for pointing this out!
> Stanley, do you think that we could restrict the uses of the
> ResourceBundle API in this context to not load code?
> For the context: my recollection is that we had a consensus to not
> allow split packages but since this discussion took place a long time
> ago, it could be that I don't remember it well.
> Michal
> On 5/15/07, Glyn Normington <glyn_normington at> wrote:
>> The ResourceBundle API does not only use resource (*.properties) lookups.
>> It also attempts class loads to find resource bundles, effectively
>> needing
>> to load classes from a split package.
>>  Glyn

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