Strawman: Services and service-providers support

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at
Wed May 23 10:30:03 PDT 2007

Hi Glyn,

This strawman was developed based on the updated JSR 277 specification
which has undergone significant changes since the EDR, so ideally the
updated specification is required in order for the readers to have the
proper context to fully understand the strawman; otherwise, this could
lead to misunderstanding or confusion.

That said, I have already received requests from a few observers since
yesterday, and I think it may indeed be helpful to have the strawman
available alone. However, it is unclear what the JCP rules are for
making material like this available outside the EG, and I have already
contacted the JCP PMO for clarification.

- Stanley

Glyn Normington wrote:
> Hi Stanley
> Don't you think we should make the strawman available to observers of
> this list so they have the context to follow subsequent discussion of
> the strawman and send in any insights they may have?
> Glyn

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