Email problem

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at Sun.COM
Fri May 25 15:56:42 PDT 2007

Apparently, the problem has been identified - one of the public
blacklist servers has the IP address of one of our servers being black
listed, and it caused some emails which went through the EG mailing list
successfully but bounced back from the observer mailing list on openjdk.
This problem has now been fixed.

I have just reposted the messages that were bounced back from the
observer list so the observers will see them:

Sorry for any confusion.

- Stanley

Stanley M. Ho wrote:
> I have received several bounced emails from the observer mailing list
> since yesterday, but the EG mailing list seems to be fine. I'll try to
> sync up the observer mailing list after all the networking changes are
> settled early next week.
> - Stanley
> Stanley M. Ho wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is just a head-up. There has been some massive networking changes
>> going on since early this week and are expected to be finished over the
>> Memorial Day (next Monday). It is unclear if these changes will impact
>> this EG mailing list and the observer mailing list. If you experience
>> any problem, please let me know.
>> - Stanley

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