Service providers

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at
Wed May 30 15:16:34 PDT 2007

Hi Richard,

Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Hey Stanley,
> To me, this sounds like what we call the "extender model" for the OSGi
> framework. The way it works is that bundles that want to participate in
> certain scenarios simply include some metadata inside of themselves,
> then some infrastructure can probe for this metadata and automatically
> do work on their behalf. This is how Declarative Services works in the
> R4 spec and also how Spring-OSGi is becoming a very common
> model.
> The benefit of this approach is that it doesn't push upper layer
> concepts down into the modularity layer and keeps it simple. Off the top
> of my head, I don't see a reason why the Service Loader couldn't use a
> similar approach.
> -> richard

Thanks. I will certainly check it out to see if this approach is feasible.

- Stanley

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