Updates on Interoperability

Sam Pullara sam at SAMPULLARA.COM
Thu Apr 3 07:59:13 PDT 2008

I meant so that JSR-277 would get into JDK 7 regardless of the  
decisions we make around interoperability. What I would like from  
Stanley is a list of things that the expert group needs to do and  
dates by when they need to be done to ensure that whatever choices are  
made actually make it into JSR-277.  There has been some question in  
the community as to whether or not JSR-277 would even make it into JDK  
7 based on the public schedule of the project.

Sorry about the confusion,

On Apr 3, 2008, at 3:28 AM, Andy Piper wrote:

> Yes, my sentiments exactly. I wouldn't want a focus on a *breadth* of
> systems to end up meaning that (a) nothing is done well or (b) this
> slips out of Java 7.
> As always OSGi is the most important to us and, I suspect, to the
> majority also.
> Its also the only one with an associated approved JCP standard, so it
> would be interesting to know what platform specific issues have been
> encountered.
> andy
> At 11:10 03/04/2008, Daniel Leuck wrote:
>> Hi Sam,
>> My two cents: It seems like OSGi and Maven would be enough.  I don't
>> think any other non-IDE system is widely used.  I assume Sun will  
>> have
>> NetBeans working with JSR-277 modules in short order.  I don't think
>> its important to spend a lot of time making JSR-277 interoperate with
>> a lot of other systems.  It should be the other way around.
>> Dan
>> On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 7:31 PM, Sam Pullara <sam at sampullara.com>  
>> wrote:
>>> Can you send out what our roadmap might look like so that we can  
>>> understand
>>> what needs to be done to get this into JDK 7?
>>> Sam
>>> On Apr 2, 2008, at 10:27 PM, Stanley M. Ho wrote:
>>>> Hi experts,
>>>> As we discussed in the EG, we would like to make JSR 277  
>>>> interoperable
>>> with other module systems (e.g. OSGi, NetBeans, etc.). We have
>> been building
>>> prototypings to figure out how it should work and to also validate  
>>> the
>>> overall approach. Since there are many module systems out there
>> and they are
>>> all implemented very differently (there are also multiple OSGi
>>> implementations), it requires us to build more than a few
>> prototypes and the
>>> whole process takes time.
>>>> The good news is that we now have a prototype that allows JSR 277  
>>>> modules
>>> to interoperate with OSGi bundles in certain degrees, and another  
>>> prototype
>>> that enables interoperation with Maven. I'm in the process of  
>>> sorting out
>>> the details with the development team so we could have a strawman  
>>> for this
>>> EG to discuss soon.
>>>> - Stanley
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