Updates on Interoperability

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at sun.com
Fri Apr 4 00:35:48 PDT 2008

Hi Sam,

I am in the process of writing the EDR2 spec and it should be ready for 
the EG to review within the next few weeks. Once the spec is available, 
I hope it will give the EG a clearer overall picture in terms of the 
current JSR state. I will also provide a TODO list as you suggested.

- Stanley

Sam Pullara wrote:
> I meant so that JSR-277 would get into JDK 7 regardless of the decisions 
> we make around interoperability. What I would like from Stanley is a 
> list of things that the expert group needs to do and dates by when they 
> need to be done to ensure that whatever choices are made actually make 
> it into JSR-277.  There has been some question in the community as to 
> whether or not JSR-277 would even make it into JDK 7 based on the public 
> schedule of the project.
> Sorry about the confusion,
> Sam

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