Spec re-organization/update proposal...

Bryan Atsatt bryan.atsatt at oracle.com
Thu Apr 17 17:47:54 PDT 2008

I propose that we re-organize and update the next draft of the spec to 
achieve the following:

1.  Clearly identify and separate the two main elements of the spec:

    a. Framework (i.e. api/spi)
    b. Default implementation (i.e. .jam distribution format, tools, 
usage examples, etc.)

2. Ensure that the framework is the primary focus of the spec, 
identifying it as the means by which any implementation integrates with 
the SE compiler and runtime.

3. Clarify that any implementation will benefit from the integration 
story provided by the framework (I describe four concrete benefits in 

4. Clarify the rationale for the existence of a new implementation.

5. Recognize the importance of building a second implementation to 
validate the framework design.

6. Recognize OSGi as the right choice for that second implementation:

    a. A formal JCP adopted module standard.
    b. Wide market adoption.

If the reasoning behind these proposals is not sufficiently clear to 
everyone, I'll be happy to elaborate.

// Bryan

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