Simplification of JSR 277 and JSR 294

Andy Piper andyp at
Wed Apr 23 06:06:08 PDT 2008

This seems like an excellent development! This coupled with adoption 
of Bryan's proposal should breath new life back into this JSR.


At 02:10 19/04/2008, Stanley M. Ho wrote:
>Dear 277 and 294 experts,
>This is to announce that Alex Buckley and Stanley Ho will be co-spec 
>leads for JSR 277 as soon as the JCP PMO processes the change.
>To ensure that all experts can follow both the development and 
>deployment aspects of the Java Module System, the plan is for *all* 
>Java modularity discussions to occur in the 277 EG from now on.
>The development aspects of modularity are specified in the Java 
>Language Specification and Java Virtual Machine Specification 
>regardless of which EG they are discussed in.
>The effects of this plan are most keenly felt by the two members of 
>the 294 EG who are not already on the 277 EG. The members in 
>question, Eugene Vigdorchik and Matthew Flatt, have kindly agreed to 
>join the 277 observer list [1].
>We would like to invite members of the 294 observer list [2] to 
>subscribe to the 277 observer list too.
>Also, the jsr-277-comments at alias is available for anyone to 
>send private comments to the 277 spec leads at any time. We try to 
>respond individually to such comments. Every JSR has a comments 
>alias but their existence is not well known, so hopefully the use of 
>jsr-277-comments at will grow following this message.
>Stanley and Alex

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