Updates on Interoperability

Gordon Hirsch gordon.hirsch at SAS.COM
Fri Apr 25 14:03:05 PDT 2008

Bryan Atsatt wrote:
> On the split package front, however, it seems a little fuzzy to me. If
> an OSGi implementation of 277 is also going to remain OSGi Rx compliant,
> it will still need to support split packages, right?

Yes, and, like it or not, split packages are common enough that it may 
be hard to completely ignore them wrt to interoperability.

  If so, don't we
> need to surface this fact at the 277 level? Perhaps that is as simple as
> acknowledging that Module.getImportedModules() may return more than one
> instance that exports a given package.

This is the case I was thinking of.

Also, IIRC, OSGi allows the specification of additional attributes on 
Import-Package statements which can be used to help disambiguate the 
import in the presence of split packages. Does this facility get 
surfaced to the standard search mechanism? If features at this level are 
involved, this is where I begin to become concerned about the complexity 
of our task :-).

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