Updates on Interoperability

Richard S. Hall heavy at UNGOVERNED.ORG
Fri Apr 25 14:08:59 PDT 2008

Gordon Hirsch wrote:
> Bryan Atsatt wrote:
>> On the split package front, however, it seems a little fuzzy to me. If
>> an OSGi implementation of 277 is also going to remain OSGi Rx compliant,
>> it will still need to support split packages, right?
> Yes, and, like it or not, split packages are common enough that it may 
> be hard to completely ignore them wrt to interoperability.
>  If so, don't we
>> need to surface this fact at the 277 level? Perhaps that is as simple as
>> acknowledging that Module.getImportedModules() may return more than one
>> instance that exports a given package.
> This is the case I was thinking of.
> Also, IIRC, OSGi allows the specification of additional attributes on 
> Import-Package statements which can be used to help disambiguate the 
> import in the presence of split packages. Does this facility get 
> surfaced to the standard search mechanism? If features at this level 
> are involved, this is where I begin to become concerned about the 
> complexity of our task :-).

Well, the attributes really have nothing to do with split packages, 
although the recommendation is to use mandatory attributes on split 
packages to avoid importers from accidentally getting wired to a partial 

We can go down this path, but I doubt it will be as simple as just 
changing getImportedModules() to return an array...

-> richard

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