Supporting OSGi Bundles in the Java Module System

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at
Tue Jun 10 17:00:38 PDT 2008

Hi Michal,

Yes, we're working on an implementation. Alex and I are currently 
working on the EDR2 spec. After the spec is ready for the EG to discuss 
and review, we expect to make the implementation available to the EG.

- Stanley

Michal Cierniak wrote:
> Hi Stanley,
> Thank you for providing this proposal.  I think that it looks quite
> reasonable.  Once we have an implementation (are you working on one?),
> we should have a look at details like: what exactly the behavior for
> circular dependencies should be (I don't think there is a problem --
> it's just one of those things where it's possible to overlook details
> until you start to implement something).  But I think that the overall
> proposal is a pretty good approach to this very important problem of
> interop.
> I'm curious what the OSGi experts think.
> Michal

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