declarative programming

Patrick Wright pdoubleya at
Tue Dec 7 01:08:02 PST 2010

This is the wrong forum for the question. The list of language changes
for JDK 7 is fixed and final. From what I heard at the Devoxx
conference a few weeks ago, there may be another public process (under
something like Project Coin) for suggestions on what to add for JDK 8,
but that's TBD and in any case the Oracle/Java team already has a lot
of work cut out for it in the JDK 8 timeframe; JDK 9 looks more likely
for looking into further changes to the language.

If you are interested in proposing your idea if and when a new round
of Project Coin is launched, you should probably look at the mailing
lists for for examples, as they
will want much more detailed proposal before they will even consider
the request.

Note, I'm just repeating what's already been stated publicly by the
Oracle/Java staff.

Best regards

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