Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Dec 22 11:19:10 PST 2010

> great! So in both of your examples you choose to get rid of the reverse polish
> notation.

Whoa there Nelly!  I merely reformatted your example, I did not offer any 
comment on the API style, one way or the other, nor did I edit anything but 
the space between the tokens.  A big part of why your examples were hard to 
read is that they were not formatted clearly.

 > Brian didn't address it, so assuming he is either on board with use site
 > extension methods, or just believes oracle will provide all the ones you
 > actually want to use.

Just to be clear (again): use-site extension methods are a non-starter.  I 
thought we made this abundantly clear in the past.

As to the second part, yes, we of course plan to provide a useful set of 
extension methods for the Collections.

> You also both included the importance of whitespace to counter-act the
> confusion of lambdas.
> The issue I have with this is my code is automatically formatted by eclipse
> on-save.

Presumably as the language evolves, the formatting capabilities of IDEs will 
evolve with it.  We have an Eclipse rep on the EG, and I'm sure they're 
interested in what users expectations are about what kind of new customization 
to the formatting rules the addition of lambdas should entail.  But I think 
you'd agree that designing language features based on how the IDE happens to 
mangle your code today is the tail wagging the dog.

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