lambda-dev Digest, Vol 13, Issue 23

Cleber Muramoto cleber at
Thu Dec 23 15:13:54 PST 2010

I think both have their pros and cons...Defender methods seems really more
OOish, but I don't see how one will be able to override core libraries
anyway, except by inheriting the core classes.

Can't both strategies co-exist, so I can create my own extension methods for
the core classes?

I've been using C#/Linq for a while and, from a developer's perspective, I
think microsoft microsoft did it right by using a compiler-hack solution.

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> Hi All,
> I think that the proposed lambdas with extension methods are far
> superior to the C# alternative. In particular you can override the
> extension methods, e.g. an ArrayList might implement filter etc. quite
> differently than LinkedList. The builder alternative can also be
> optimised for a particular List type, but only for the List types you
> know about when you write the builder. The proposed Java approach is
> much more flexible, if I write my own List type I can override filter
> etc. if needed. Thus the proposed Java solution, which is a variation
> on Traits, fits into the OO paradigm much better than the alternative
> approaches (you would expect in an OO language to be able to write a
> List and that your list is treated the same as any other List).
> Have a great Christmas,
> ? -- Howard.

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