Parallel-safe lambdas (Stephen Colebourne)

Patrick Viry patrick.viry at
Thu Feb 11 10:02:34 PST 2010

> These seem to be important questions. If the "primary" parallel use
> case is 99%, then as a whole, this mailing list should be designing
> for safety and against data races. And then the "strawman" above
> doesn't seem that unreasonable.
This is a major question indeed.

*If* the major use case is to express data parallelism, then what you
probably want is constructs for parallelism, not closures.

*If* parallelism is an important use case, then it is important to keep in
mind that parallel also often means distributed, and the last thing you'd
want when distributing code is to capture and "carry away" variables rather
than values.


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