Bob Foster bobfoster at
Wed Jul 7 16:01:24 PDT 2010

Neal Gafter wrote:
> Most Java developers have not used lambdas in Java.  Those who have used
> them in other languages rarely think of them as a method body.

A tautology followed by an unprovable assertion, but never mind that.

This discussion suffers a definitional problem: there is no consensus
on what 'lambda' means. Instead, some people are pushing lambda as in
lisp, others are trying to redefine lambda to be Smalltalk blocks or
lambda as in ad hoc feature in some language that happens to call the
feature lambda.

I will just state for the record that I have used lambda in other
languages and I think of them as anonymous functions. I truly doubt
that puts me in the 'rarely' category. But let's put it on the table
and stop jawboning about what return means. What does lambda mean?


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