Removal of function types

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Jul 7 16:26:23 PDT 2010

What you mean, presumably, is being able to generify over primitives, likely 
via specialization (we're already addressing variadic generics in the context 
of exception transparency), as .NET does.

Duh.  Why didn't we think of that?  :)

Would love to do it, but is way out of scope for JDK 7.

On 7/7/2010 7:17 PM, Nathan Bryant wrote:
> Perhaps there is an alternative middle ground, that would provide
> function types but make them look like SAM's: variadic generics.
> Wink wink, nudge nudge.
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>> I suggest using this thread to comment on the removal of function
> types :-)
> As one of the instigators-by-counter-example of function types,
> I do wonder what the plan is for providing dozens if not
> hundreds of SAM types for (parallel) aggregate operations.
> As in my infamous workarounds at:
> -Doug

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