Primitives in Generics

Gernot Neppert mcnepp02 at
Thu Jul 8 23:28:03 PDT 2010

2010/7/8 Reinier Zwitserloot <reinier at>:
> You didn't mention my second snippet, which is a shame, because I included
> it because that's the one I'm confused about - how could you possibly write
> a compiler that detects there's a problem there?
> --Reinier Zwitserloot

>Snippet #2:

>public static List<T> createList(Class<T> type) { return new ArrayList<T>(); }

>public void test() {
>    List<int> list = createList(int.class);
>    list.add(10);

OK, looks like you've found the big weak spot in my proposal ;-)
Even though the exact code from snippet #2 would not compile
(int.class is of type Class<Integer>, therefore the assignment to
List<int> is not valid), the snippet shows of course the fundamental

The use of primitive type parameters in all contexts is incompatible
with Type Erasure.

Thus, one would have to restrict the use; maybe something like this would do:

8. Type parameters of primitive type parameters may only be used in
the following contexts:

a) when declaring variables. Local variables or members may be
declared using a primitive type parameter, and optionally initialized
with null.
Example: List<int> list = null;

b) during implementation of a generic interface or a generic baseclass
by a class that specifies a concrete type for the type parameter.
Example: public class IntList implements List<int>

c) generic functions will never make use of primitive type parameters.
If you pass an instance of a generic class L<p> for a primitive type p
to a generic function paramerized by T over L<T>, the instance will be
automatically treated as L<P> with P the corresponding wrapper type
for p. (See paragraph 6. for assignment rules)

import java.util.Collections;

List<int> list = new IntList();

List<int> sorted = Collections.sort(list); // Will not compile

List<int> empty = Collections.emptyList(); // Will not compile

List<Integer> sorted = Collections.sort(list); // OK, list is passed
as List<Integer> here.

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