Primitives in Generics

Jesse Kuhnert jkuhnert at
Fri Jul 9 16:59:52 PDT 2010

Is that really what they'd ask? Maybe they would, as they happily
moved forward with all their newfound productivity and application
performance boosts.

With the current proposal however I think the questions may be a bit
broader and more extreme. Only in cases where they've discovered
modern (or more popular now) programming concepts though - which will
be almost everyone except for those poor souls who really do fit the
java developer stereotype and maybe don't like programming all that
much anyway. No matter how it's packaged.

> Regardless, the point is that once you make it work for generics in
> general, it also applies to SAM types under the current proposal - and
> the utility of such a solution would be far greater. On the other
> hand, enabling primitives for function types while leaving the same
> limitations for generics would definitely lead to the question of "why
> did they solve that problem for the new thing, but didn't also fix it
> for the old one?".

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