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Perhaps too much hay is being made out of the parallel use case.

Having a decent set of combinators in collections frameworks may result
in programmers being more likely to use bulk operations where
appropriate, minimizing the tendency to do things like coding
application logic in SQL, nesting SQL in loops...

That being said, I think it's going to be a lot harder (i.e., nearly
impossible) to get primitives-in-generics and specialization right, than
to get function types right.

The problem for both primitives-in-generics and specialization is
they're somewhat hobbled by lack of reification... and it's too late for

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Neal Gafter wrote:
> Indeed, that is the crux of our agreement: whether we're trying to add
to Java something it already has
> (methods or anonymous instances) or something that enables things not
possible today.

Like multiple threads returning non-locally to the same method.


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