Constructor references

Rémi Forax forax at
Fri Jul 16 03:08:55 PDT 2010

Le 16/07/2010 11:46, Stephen Colebourne a écrit :
> On 16 July 2010 08:31, Fredrik Ohrstrom<oehrstroem at>  wrote:
>> Yes, however it is not quite a normal method reference because the
>> constructor does not allocate so you want the constructor prefixed
>> with an alloc.
> Well, I'd simply make the constructor reference do the allocation.
> Thats the most expected behaviour.

Agree, that why the syntax should contains 'new'.
The fact you need 3 instruction to do an allocation is a VM language quirk
not a part of Java the language story.

By the way,  John (and I agree with him) already propose a syntax
for constructor reference.

see method testConstructors() in

the proposed syntax is
#new String(String)
outer#new Inner()
for a non static inner class.

>> To do that new code has to be created, so why not
>> go with a lambda?
>> { name, age ->  new Person(name, age) }
> Same argument applies to method references. They are being added
> because they are a common and useful convenience.
> Stephen


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