Demo of using closures to implement LINQ-style queries in Java7

Ming-Yee Iu mingyeeiu+lambda at
Tue Sep 7 14:02:32 PDT 2010

I made a small demo of how closures in Java finally enable us to write
LINQ-style (aka functional-style aka safe-query-object-style aka
Kliesli-style etc) database queries. The system is actually all Java6
code, but Java7's syntactic sugar for translating functions into
classes makes the queries short enough to be practical.

The demo lets you write queries in Java like this:

      // Join using N:1 navigational links
      System.out.println("Sales made to Bob");
      result = em.allSale()

The code will then automatically be rewritten at runtime into the
equivalent SQL query:

      SELECT A.SaleId AS COL1, A.Date AS COL2, A.CustomerId AS COL3
      FROM Sales AS A, Customers AS B
      WHERE ((A.CustomerId) = (B.CustomerId)) AND (((B.Name) = ('Bob')))

So once JDK7 gets released, the J2EE community should be able to
quickly make a query system that leapfrogs ahead of Rails and is
competitive with LINQ. I think this makes a compelling use-case for
closures in Java.

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