Rémi Forax forax at
Mon Sep 27 12:31:21 PDT 2010

Le 27/09/2010 20:48, Davis Clark a écrit :
> I know this might not be well received since the project is in a somewhat
> early stage, but it would be extremely helpful if linux (and maybe windows)
> builds of the project lambda prototype were made available. I would love to
> try it out, but I had a seriously hard time trying to compile it myself.

All you need is the langtools repository.

First grab the VM, the best is to look which beta to use here
and grab the corresponding binary build here

If you don't find the correct build number, take a more recent one,
it should work.

Now compile the compiler source,
get the langtools repository:
hg clone
The good news it that this repository compiles with ant,
so in directory 'make', run
   ant<path to jdk1.7.0 beta>
it creates a classes.jar in a dist subrepository.

To run the compiler:
<path to jdk1.7.0 beta>/bin/java -cp classes.jar <your>

and to run your code:
<path to jdk1.7.0 beta>/bin/java -cp classes.jar:. <your class>

You need to put the classes.jar in the classpath because the current 
has runtime dependencies that are not available in a binary build.

That's all.


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