current merge with b123

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Thu Jan 6 04:01:09 PST 2011

as you might have seen, I have been busy merging the lambda repo with 
JDK7 b123. The merge fixed some of the problems pointed out in this 
mailing list encountered when running the lambda prototype against b123 
(esp. those involving MethodHandle.invoke which is missing in b123).

In the langtools repository there are 5 regression failures that are 
unrelated to lambda (they have been caused by changes in JSR 292 and we 
are working to fix those in the next promoted JDK 7 build).

Moreover, due to a performance regression in javadoc, it is possible to 
experience some slow down when building the whole lambda repository. 
Again, this problem has nothing to do with the lambda repo itself and 
will be resolved on the next merge.

Happy hacking!

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