Streams design strawman

Doug Lea dl at
Sun Apr 22 13:19:21 PDT 2012

On 04/22/12 12:55, Brian Goetz wrote:
>> So basically it's not a stream but something like this:
>> interface Histogram<K,V>  {
>> Iterable<K>  keys();
>> Iterable<V>  values();
>> Iterable<Entry<K,V>>  entries();
>> }
>> a kind of super type of a Map.
> It certainly could be, if we wanted to make it an eager
> (end-of-stream-pipeline) operation.  But it seems more flexible to make
> it a BiStream-creating operation (even though the values need to be
> internally buffered, which I think is your underlying point),

Note that jsr166e.LongAdderTable is intended to be a useful
internal form for supporting some of these stream-y multiset-ish
operations; at least the parallel versions of them.
We'll need to adapt interfaces etc as they solidify.


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