hg: lambda/lambda/langtools: Enhancement: Add support for more aggressive type-inference

Andrew Hughes ahughes at redhat.com
Fri Aug 3 10:49:31 PDT 2012

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> On 08/03/2012 07:43 AM, Henri Gomez wrote:
> >>> Good catch - the compiler now catches more 'redundant casts' as a
> >>> side-effect of a change I made... I will correct this (and other
> >>> issues)
> >>> asap
> >> Interesting - this is not caught by the new build system (the one
> >> I used to
> >> check that everything was ok)...
> > I stick with old build system with a fresh rebuild each time (ie
> > removing previously built contents)
> > A more safe approach IMOO
> >
> Anyone  seeing issues with the new build system should report such
> issues to build-infra-dev at openjdk.java.net.  The time will come when
> the
> new build system is the default and the old build system will be
> retired.
> -- Jon

It sounds to me like it may be less to do with the build system and more
to do with clean compiles.   I try and always make sure to do a completely
clean build out-of-tree before committing to any project.
Andrew :)

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