Libraries updates for extensions methods

Daniel Latrémolière daniel.latremoliere at
Mon Aug 13 14:50:14 PDT 2012

Le 13/08/2012 16:31, Brian Goetz a écrit :
> We're planning to introduce default methods to selected existing JDK 
> classes on a resources-available basis.  An update of "all relevant 
> JDK libraries", however, would be a massive effort, and is not 
> currently resourced by Oracle.  (But OpenJDK is an open-source 
> project, so others like yourself might be inclined towards such work.)
> I'm not an expert on DOM, but some of the examples you provide -- for 
> example, default implementations throwing exceptions for "optional" 
> methods -- seem like typical intended use cases for default methods. 
> (For example, we'll add a default to Iterator.remove that throws UOE.)
OK understood, but not interested myself given legal part.

Honestly, after first reading, OCA seems mostly readable and not fully 
bad, even given european intellectual property. But text of OCA and 
circumlocutions in FAQ seems dangerous, in my opinion, on rights to give 
same changes to others projects without risks for them to be sued by 
Oracle.Oracle ask clearly for more than a simple license on code given 
by contributor (contrary to Apache by example).

Given DOM API are managed by W3C, even if copied in OpenJDK repository 
with an Oracle-licensed javadoc added, I will see if I can do something 
on W3C side but without real hope (currently WebIDL [1] used for 
creating these interfaces does not have implementation: these parts are 
only in text-written specifications [2]).

Then, honestly, I will let this small task to someone other than me.


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