Libraries updates for extensions methods

Brenden Towey brendentowey at
Tue Aug 14 11:17:28 PDT 2012

Just thinking out loud here:  Would it be possible to get a list of 
interfaces that your team is considering updating?

That way, anyone who want a particular interface updated would know if 
they should start on their own, or not.

We could even have a little project coin.  Folks could propose what they 
feel needs to be updated, other eyes could inspect it and make 
suggestions, and then the implementers could accept any feedback they 
feel is important.

Or whatever process folks like, or none at all.

On 8/13/2012 7:31 AM, Brian Goetz wrote:
> We're planning to introduce default methods to selected existing JDK
> classes on a resources-available basis.  An update of "all relevant JDK
> libraries", however, would be a massive effort, and is not currently
> resourced by Oracle.  (But OpenJDK is an open-source project, so others
> like yourself might be inclined towards such work.)
> I'm not an expert on DOM, but some of the examples you provide -- for
> example, default implementations throwing exceptions for "optional"
> methods -- seem like typical intended use cases for default methods.
> (For example, we'll add a default to Iterator.remove that throws UOE.)

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