OpenJDK Java 8 with Lambda Preview b68 Promoted

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Tue Dec 11 16:56:26 PST 2012

Hello Lambdacizers;

A new promotion (b68) of preview binaries for OpenJDK Java 8 with lambda extensions is now available at

This release is synced with jdk8 b66 and some jdk8 b67 changesets.

This build greatly reduces the difference between the OpenJDK 8 mainline ( and the lambda repo ( for both HotSpot and the javac compiler. 

On the libraries side work continues to advance quickly with many additional refinements to parallel streams. As well, some of our "lambdafication" efforts to Collections, ThreadLocal, BufferedReader are starting to hit the repo. These will migrate to the mainline repo as we complete reviews and testing. We will start to see the size of the library differences between mainline and lambda shrink beginning with the next promotion.

Enjoy and, as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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