The question about lambda's performance

=?GB2312?B?zuLosdSo?= wupuyuan at
Mon Feb 20 17:33:18 PST 2012

Hi, I'm from china and take care of lamdba project these days.

I'm sorry for last mail is not whole... so I send again.

I read the doc of very
carefully, the lambda spec is  so simple, but there is a question about

In section 1 background ,  we get the information that the "callback
interface" nearly can not increase the performance by multicore cpu or
parallel-programming. But there is no info in the follow part about the
target of lambda. Is there some improvement of JVM about this?

I test the "javap -c" to the classes , there are no "invokedynamic"
created, and test the cost time of inner classes and lambda ,it seems
lambda codes cost a little more time.

Thx resd my question! If there are any unclear because my pool English
please note me!

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