The question about lambda's performance

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Mon Feb 20 18:48:07 PST 2012

Thanks for trying out the implementation!

We are still very much in the prototype stage of the development of the 
implementation.  Currently the compiler generates inner classes, but 
that is definitely a temporary strategy.  Our focus has been exclusively 
on delivering something that works, so people can try it out.  Many 
shortcuts have been taken to get something in people's hands as early as 
possible, so that we could get feedback on the usability of the features.

Any conclusions drawn from performance measurements at this time would 
definitely be premature.

On 2/20/2012 8:33 PM, 吴璞渊 wrote:
> Hi, I'm from china and take care of lamdba project these days.
> I'm sorry for last mail is not whole... so I send again.
> I read the doc of
> very
> carefully, the lambda spec is  so simple, but there is a question about
> performance.
> In section 1 background ,  we get the information that the "callback
> interface" nearly can not increase the performance by multicore cpu or
> parallel-programming. But there is no info in the follow part about the
> target of lambda. Is there some improvement of JVM about this?
> I test the "javap -c" to the classes , there are no "invokedynamic"
> created, and test the cost time of inner classes and lambda ,it seems
> lambda codes cost a little more time.
> Thx resd my question! If there are any unclear because my pool English
> please note me!
> B&R

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