method references: type inference, toString()

bitter_fox bitterfoxc at
Wed Feb 22 07:26:09 PST 2012

2012/2/22 Paul Holser <pholser at>

> Hi lambda-dev,
> 1) Should the usage of Foo::isBar as the predicate fed to
> PredicateMatcher.matches() compile successfully? I'm hoping not to
> have to perform the SAM conversion by hand:
>    Predicate<Foo> bar = Foo::isBar;
>    assertThat(new BarredUpFoo(), PredicateMatcher.matches(bar);

Maybe in this case you don't need to convert by hand, if you help type
    assertThat(new BarredUpFoo(), PredicateMatcher.<Foo>matches(Foo::isBar);

My sample works well:

import java.util.functions.Predicate;

public class Test extends SuperTest
    interface Foo
        boolean isBar();

    public static <U> void create(Predicate<? super U> p) {}

    public static void main(String[] args)
        //Test.create(Foo::isBar); // Error

class SuperTest
    public static void create(Object o) {}


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