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On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 7:54 AM, Conrad Winchester <conrad at> wrote:
> Have to agree with Vitaly here, I think the SAM implementation should allow for equality or a different approach taken.
> I think that this lack of equality is a shame, because
> 1) other languages have dealt with this without this level of confusion.
> 2)  it will cause the community to be plagued with exactly the same question over and over again - it feels like an incomplete implementation of method pointers.
> 3) as was stated in the other thread it makes the use of method pointers as listeners almost completely useless.

FYI, a quick illustration of the current semantics for the Scala equivalent,

scala> class Foo { def foo(i : Int) = i }
defined class Foo

scala> val foo = new Foo
foo: Foo = Foo at 49ab0137

scala> val f1 = _
f1: Int => Int = <function1>

scala> val f2 = _
f2: Int => Int = <function1>

scala> f1 eq f2
res0: Boolean = false

scala> f1 == f2
res1: Boolean = false

scala> f1.equals(f2)
res2: Boolean = false

I don't recall any serious objections to this behaviour. In practice
if you use these things in a functional style the lack of identity or
equality is a complete non-issue.



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