Lambda Binary Drop (b56) Now Available!

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Wed Sep 12 13:15:17 PDT 2012

Hi Mike

I just rebuild Lambda for OSX and hg tags reports :

tip                              500:115a29d4c475
jdk8-b54                         496:c1a277c6022a
jdk8-b53                         495:febd7ff52800
jdk8-b52                         494:8d24def5ceb3
jdk8-b51                         493:57c0aee73090
jdk8-b50                         488:2fd67618b9a3
lambda-b50                       485:cc5ead46ec89
jdk8-b49                         484:c97b99424815
jdk8-b48                         479:3f6c72d1c2a6

no b56 here and a tag id moving from jdk8 to lambda then jdk8.

Where did your b56 drop come from ?

2012/9/12 Mike Duigou <mike.duigou at>:
> Hello Lambdanites!
> Another update (b56) of the "Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 8 Developer Preview with Lambda Support" is now available at:
> This update includes;
> - A resync with the OpenJDK 8 mainline repos
> - Updates to JSR166 concurrency lib using the JSR166e
> - Significant enhancements to the Hotspot and JDK runtime support for lambdas
> - The javac compiler and java.util lambda libraries are unchanged since b50
> The next binary drop is expected the second half of next week. It will include updated javac and libraries. javac was in an unstable transition at the time b56 was prepared so skipped this release. java.util lambda libraries work has been focused on the "it2-bootstrap" branch which will be merged into the default branch later this week.
> As always, comments, feedback, insights and criticism are welcome and encouraged.

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