sorting on keys on the MapStream

Arul Dhesiaseelan aruld at
Sat Sep 15 12:34:45 PDT 2012

I was trying to rewrite the FunctionalCollectionComputation [1] example
using the updated APIs in latest build [2].

                .mapped(name -> name.length())
                .filterValues((length) -> length >= 4)
                .swap() //optional
                .sorted((i1, i2) -> i1 - i2) or sorted((name1, name2) ->
name1.length() - name2.length())
                .forEach((name, length) -> System.out.println(name + '\t' +

I had to introduce a swap() on the MapStream so I can sort it on the keys.
Another option would be to use sorted((name1, name2) -> name1.length() -
name2.length()) which won't require a swap().

Down to 4 bulk ops calls from its original version, pretty sweet!

I understand these APIs are undergoing heavy changes. sorted() throws NPE
in MapPipeline which returns null. so this example won't work under latest


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