Old / New build systems strategy ?

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Mon Sep 24 05:56:27 PDT 2012

On 24/09/2012 10:15 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:
>>> No policy or recommendation ?
>> I'm not sure what you are asking. Projects involving significant build
>> support are moving to, or already using, the new build as that is the
>> future.
> I'm discussing about official recommendation by project to select new
> build instead of old one.
> Project by project (ie: Lambda, Jigsaw) and globally JDK8.

Sorry I still don't quite get the question. The new build will be the 
build for JDK 8. Anyone needing significant build support in their 
projects probably doesn't have the time or inclination to develop 
solutions in two build systems and so will focus on the new build.

>>> You mention new build system will became be default for JDK8 "real
>>> soon now", did there is any date or planning available ?
>> No firm date that I am aware of. The build-infra team have been working on
>> getting the new build as bit-for-bit compatible with the existing build as
>> feasible. I had hoped to see this work finalized by now, but it is still a
>> work in progress.
> I track commit in build-infra and wondering how to use it :
> - packagers/builders should get up to date build-infra trunk and
> inject it in projects tree ?
> - packagers/builders up new build system available in projects and
> project team sync build-infra time to time ?

It probably varies by project. I'm using what has been pushed from 
build-infra into mainline JDK8, developing in that and then integrating 
changes back into build-infra to later become part of JDK8 (like the 
recent build customization logic that was just integrated). But once 
build-infra is 'finished' everything will just go straight into mainline 
JDK8. If I need something specific from build-infra then I may sync with 
those changes directly.


>>> My targets are OSX, Linux and Windows in a near future, could I switch
>>> today to new build systems for them ?
>> I think Linux is fine. I can't comment on the other platforms as I don't
>> build for them.
> I'll move obuildfactory Linux packages to new build and I'll check that.
> For OSX, I'll do same for openjdk-osx-build but I encountered some
> problems in the past, so I'm a bit more prudent now.
> Cheers

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