Build error on OSX

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Mon Sep 24 11:27:41 PDT 2012

> Yes, for development we have switched. Our release engineering is in the process of switching. We have switched now because the openjdk8 main switch is expected to happen before lambda integrates into openjdk8 main. ie. We will have to switch before integrating.
> I have been ensuring that the old build continues to work at each binary drop as a fallback/backup process. This unfortunately means that between binary drops it may break.
> We have had good success using the new build on linux, solaris and mac. We've previously validated the build on Windows but it was not checked closely in the last binary drop. (There have been no problem reports though).
> For lambda repos, I strongly recommend the new build.

I tried to use new build system for Lambda on Linux and try to figure
how to handle certs (former ALT_CACERTS_FILE), I tried
--with_cacerts_file but with no luck ;(

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