RFR: improve warmup time for lambda capture

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Wed Aug 21 10:30:25 PDT 2013

Or, for a more proximate example, look about 20 lines down in the same 
file, in the "generateConstructor()" method :)

On 8/21/2013 1:17 PM, Esko Luontola wrote:
> The following code does fails to handle primitive types. The xLOAD
> opcode depends on the type of the argument. Also long and double require
> the index to be incremented by two instead of one.
> +        for (int i = 0; i < argTypes.length; i++) {
> +            m.visitVarInsn(ALOAD, i);
> +        }
> Here is an example of a proper way to generate that code:
> https://github.com/orfjackal/retrolambda/blob/411579c012cd153351470fd5a828348c6bd99eb2/retrolambda/src/main/java/net/orfjackal/retrolambda/LambdaClassBackporter.java#L96-L100
> Sergey Kuksenko wrote on 21.8.2013 19:41:
>> Hi,
>> Please review the webrev at:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~skuksenko/jsr335/static_factory/webrev.00/
>> Also I need a sponsor to commit.
>>      The issue with lambda capture warmup is related to current jsr292
>> implementation.
>>      Lambda metafactory creates call site which points to (MethodHandle)
>> lambda generated class constructor. Invocation of the constructor is
>> performed via some generated call chain (jsr292 implementation
>> specific). When C1 or C2 compiles it - all these methods are inlined and
>> code is clean, but interpretation is relatively slow. Such jsr292 call
>> chain for static methods (MH to static method) is simpler than to
>> constructor that is why it is warmed up faster.
>> The patch generated static factory method for lambda capture in each
>> generated class and links CallSite to the static factory method.
>>      Attached charts shows warmup improvement (both tiered and non-tiered
>> compilation). The benchmark creates 4000 different lambdas, each lambda
>> captures one variable.
>>     Of course this improvement is implementation specific and depends on
>> jsr292 implementation. In future (when/if jsr292 will warmup MH to
>> constructor with the same speed as MH to static method) we may revert it
>> back.

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