Is this a misbehaving Collector?

Michael Hixson michael.hixson at
Wed Aug 28 23:42:09 PDT 2013


I wrote some Collectors today that did a few things differently than
those in  They seemed to work properly, but it
wasn't clear whether they were "bad collectors", depending on
implementation details they shouldn't.  I marked these areas (1, 2, 3)
in the example below:

  class WordCounter {
    private final ConcurrentMap<String, LongAdder>
    frequencies = new ConcurrentHashMap<>();

    private final Collector<String, ?, ConcurrentMap<String, LongAdder>> // 1
    intoFrequencies = Collector.of(
        (Supplier<ConcurrentMap<String, LongAdder>>) () -> frequencies,  // 2
        (frq, key) -> frq.computeIfAbsent(key, k -> new LongAdder())
        (left, right) -> { throw new UnsupportedOperationException(); }, // 3

    public void ingest(Collection<String> words) {

1. The methods in return a new Collector
instance each time.  Is that just how they happen to be implemented,
or is there some reason that reusing a collector for multiple streams
is not a good idea?

2. I think I am violating the spec of Collector here by not returning
a new container each time.  Is this safe to do, or am I doomed?

3. It seems the combiner isn't used when the collector reports
CONCURRENT.  Is it safe for me to write an always-throwing combiner
like this, given that I know my collector is concurrent?

Also, since I happened to be browsing the javadocs...

The code example in Collectors.groupingByConcurrent(Function,
Collector) may have a copy & paste error:

  For example, to compute the set of last names of people in each
city, where the city names are sorted:

     ConcurrentMap<City, Set<String>> namesByCity

mapping(Person::getLastName, toSet())));

It looks like ", where the city names are sorted" and
"ConcurrentSkipListMap::new," are not supposed to be there.


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