Flatmap example

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at oracle.com
Mon Dec 2 04:33:52 PST 2013


You are using a raw type for the List of Pattern, which is making it difficult for the compiler to infer types. Try this:

        List<Pattern> patterns = Arrays.asList(Pattern.compile("Current.*?[/|]"),

                .flatMap(new Function<Pattern, Stream<String>>() {
                    public Stream<String> apply(Pattern p) {
                        return source.stream()

                .flatMap(p -> source.stream()

Previously i thought you wanted to do layered matching e.g. match a line with pattern P1, then match the result of that with pattern P2 and so on. 

From your example i see that you wan to apply the pattern N times to the same source of lines to produce N different results (which may be getting into aspects of forked streams previously discussed). So i may have confused you with my suggestion of flatMap. 

A potential problem with your current use of flatMap is that it has munged the results so that the association of the Pattern to matched result is now lost.


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