Multiple traversals

Howard Lovatt howard.lovatt at
Thu Dec 19 21:15:19 PST 2013

Hi All,

In trying out Streams I keep coming up against an issue where I want two
outputs from a single Stream. I will use the example of finding both min
and max values from a double stream because min and max exist for a stream.
The min and max example implies finite streams, but sometimes you might
want multiple things from an infinite stream.

Various options come to mind:

1. Put everything in an array or List and then use two streams:

   double[] values = someStream...process...toArray();
   double max =
   double min =

   Not really very stream like and only works for finite streams.

2. Peek at the first traversal and create a 2nd stream:

   DoubleStream.Builder copy = DoubleStream.builder();
   double max = someStream...process...peek(d -> copy.add(d))
   double min =;

   It has got a side effect which is frowned upon and only works for
sequential finite streams.

3. Write a custom collector (for the min/max example a collector already
exists - but it is useful to see what you need to write for when a
collector in't provided):

   private static class MinMax {
     double min = Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;
     double max = Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;

  private static Collector<Double, MinMax, MinMax> minMax = new
Collector<Double, MinMax, MinMax>() {

    public Supplier<MinMax> supplier() {
      return () -> new MinMax();

    public BiConsumer<MinMax, Double> accumulator() {
      return (accumulator, value) -> {
        if (value < accumulator.min) {
          accumulator.min = value;
        else if (value > accumulator.max) {
          accumulator.max = value;

    public BinaryOperator<MinMax> combiner() {
      return (first, second) -> {
        if (first.min < second.min) {
          second.min = first.min;
        if (first.max > second.max) {
          second.max = first.max;
        return second;

    public Function<MinMax, MinMax> finisher() {
      return (result) -> result;

    public Set<Collector.Characteristics> characteristics() {
      return EnumSet.allOf(Collector.Characteristics.class);


    double[] values = someStream...process...boxed().collect(minMax);

   Which is considerably more work and it boxes primitives, but it is the
solution I err towards.

Comments/suggestions? Is there a better approach?

  -- Howard.

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