experience trying out lambda-8-b74

Henry Jen henry.jen at oracle.com
Mon Feb 4 15:14:57 PST 2013

On 02/04/2013 03:03 PM, Zhong Yu wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Henry Jen <henry.jen at oracle.com> wrote:
>> If we don't extend any exception handling or need type information, we don't really need a wrapper as Throwable already has hasCause() method.
> UncheckedIOException is a wrapper for IOException. I'm arguing that
> JDK should instead have a generic wrapper for Exception, so that all
> libraries have a uniformed way of smuggling/unsmuggling checked
> exceptions. Otherwise there are serious interoperability obstacles.

I don't disagree, just saying RuntimeException is that wrapper class if
nothing more than cause is needed.

> It appears that the lambda team does not take checked exceptions
> seriously. It might be the right attitude academically, but real world
> Java applications are full of checked exceptions. Without a guideline
> from Java czars, lots of hacky ways will be invented when they try to
> integrate with Stream.

I think opposite. I am guessing it's just that there is not an obvious
good way to deal with checked exception yet. At least that's what I see
in stream API. Thus it is still open.


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