hg: lambda/lambda/langtools: Enhancement: more stable serialized lambda names

maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com
Thu Feb 7 11:30:41 PST 2013

Changeset: 7bffb45844fb
Author:    mcimadamore
Date:      2013-02-07 19:30 +0000
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/lambda/lambda/langtools/rev/7bffb45844fb

Enhancement: more stable serialized lambda names

Serializable lambdas are desugared to methods where name follows following pattern:


where mmm is the method name and kkk is the hashcode of the method signature, and nnn is a sequentially assigned number.  That way, dependencies on lambdas from other methods will be minimized.

! src/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/comp/LambdaToMethod.java
! src/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/jvm/ClassWriter.java

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