Regular sync-ups from the upstream?

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Mon Feb 18 10:42:02 PST 2013

I built the lambda tree just last night from MacOSX 


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I'd like to echo this.

I'm trying to write a patch to java.util.regex.Pattern, which implements methods for use with lambda expressions, to make using regexps easy in Java 8.

Unfortunately, I have a couple of problems:

1) The lambdas repo doesn't currently support Mac.

2) The JDK 8 repo (which is what we've cloned to github for the Adopt OpenJDK project) doesn't support the current implementation of lambdas
- it's a couple of versions behind.

If we could get the build changes into lambda, so it will build on Mac, I would be a happy man.



On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 3:48 AM, Aleksey Shipilev <aleksey.shipilev at> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> It seems the lambda/lambda is the frontier of concurrency development 
> these days. Both Doug had locked jsr166 to be compilable with the 
> latest lambda/lambda, and me as well locked java-concurrency-torture 
> to be compilable with the latest promoted build of jdk8-ea-lambda. 
> (These address compilation of all these fancy lambda-enabled APIs).
> With the headlines like that, I'm going to ask regular sync-ups with 
> the upstream to bring more goodness from regular channels, including 
> non-lambda-specific j.u.c.*/HotSpot changes. Many of j.u.c. changes 
> are pushed directly into jdk8.
> Example: @Contended already accessible in jdk8-b75 (promoted Jan 31), 
> but not accessible in jdk8-lambda-b76 (promoted Feb 05?),
> jdk8-lambda-b77 (promoted Feb 11?).
> Maybe I'm missing some part of the plan to integrate lambda/lambda to 
> upstream jdk8 completely, which will move the development back to 
> mainline, and the whole issue would be nilled out.
> Thanks!
> -Aleksey.

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