Return types array/list/stream [was: API question for point lambdafication]

Remi Forax forax at
Wed Feb 20 03:17:47 PST 2013

On 02/20/2013 11:15 AM, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> I think there is a broader issue underlying Ben's proposed change to
> String/regex that warrants proper discussion.
> Currently in the JDK APIs we have variuos kinds of return type for
> multiples of stuff. Now we are adding another
> - arrays
> - List
> - Set
> - Collection
> - Iterable
> - Iterator
> - Enumeration
> - Stream - new in JDK 1.8
> I know I've personally found the array return types a right royal pain
> on many occasions, and I think the decision to make Enum.values()
> return an array was a big mistake.
> In general, the Collection, Iterable, Iterator and Enumeration options
> are relatively little used AFAICT. List is generally more common than
> Set (because its much more useful to the client).
> My point is that we need to decide on *why* an API should return
> Stream rather than any of the other options.
> My preference would be as folows:
> - only use array as a return type to match other methods in the same type
> - prefer List to Set or Collection
> - prefer Stream to Iterator and Enumeration (and probably Iterable)
> - prefer List to Stream for small/bounded data sets
> Thus, on the last point, I would argue that String.splitAsStream() is
> wrong, and should be String.splitToList().  (As a side note, with my
> general "arrays are bad" hat on, returning an array here was another
> bad choice)
> Users wanting a stream can easily get it from the list. The reverse is
> not so true, and almost certainly more wasteful.
> Stephen

Most of java.lang uses arrays instead of List to avoid too many 
dependencies between
java.lang and java.util which cause nightmare during the booting 
sequence of the JDK.

and to answer to the question, when one should use a Stream or not,
a Stream is something which is conceptually lighter than an Iterator,
so I don't expect to (and hope to not) see a lot of methods that returns 
a Stream
apart the one from collections and the ones related to things that are 
a stream of data like a result of regular expression parsing.


> On 19 February 2013 20:45, Ben Evans <benjamin.john.evans at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got my regex point lambdafication patch going against the current
>> state of lambda, but now I have an API question I'd like some feedback
>> on.
>> (Btw, if this is more appropriate for core-libs just let me know, and
>> I'll take my carcass over there & bug those guys instead.)
>> I currently have this new method on java.util.regex.Pattern:
>> public Stream<CharSequence> splitAsStream(final CharSequence input);
>> This provides a stream of values from the input CharSequence, split
>> around occurrences of this pattern.
>> However, as the return type of splitAsStream() is
>> Stream<CharSequence>, then we need to map stream values back to String
>> to be most useful, like this:
>>          List<String> out = p.splitAsStream(s)
>>                              .map(cs -> cs.toString())
>>                              .collect(Collectors.toList());
>> So, my question is this - should I continue to use the above
>> signature, or should it be:
>> public Stream<String> splitAsStream(final CharSequence input);
>> This avoids the need for the intermediate map(), which seems like a
>> bit of a wart to me.
>> Pattern has a vanilla split() method, which returns String[] - so for
>> those 2 reasons I'm minded towards the second form.
>> Anyone else have any thoughts about this?
>> Ben

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