Java 7 -> Java8 code breakage scenarios

Boaz Nahum boaznahum at
Thu Feb 28 09:53:31 PST 2013

On my site, indeed both crashes were replaced by compiler error message.
But the message so unrelated to the location of error (but still it helps
quickly solve the error).
let me explain, assume the below hierarchy

I1 {}
I2 extends I1 {}

C1 implement I2 {
  String getName();

C2 extends C1 {}

Test {
   test(C2 module) {


When compiling Test and I1 is missing then I got error message

   [javac] error: cannot access I1
   [javac]         label.setText(module.getName());
   [javac]                                       ^
   [javac]   class file for I1 not found

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy, What I have done in two days, takes me 15
minutes with the new fix.

Btw - to clarify; the fix doesn't remove the need for the extra dependency
> - but it allows the compiler to fail gracefully with the 'class file for
> XYZ not found' message.
Good enough for me.


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