Ryan Bergman ryan.bergman at
Tue Jan 1 12:48:48 PST 2013

    First of all let me say how exciting it is to see the work being done
on lambdas in Java. This is going to be a great addition and I can't wait
to get my teams working with it.

    I've been playing with the lambda builds off and on for a while and
I've started to put together a small project on Github documenting the API
with unit tests (It's pretty small right now):

    I'm also working on a little presentation to introduce Java Lambda for
our local JUG as well as the Agile 2013 conference (If it's accepted ...
PS. If anyone from Oracle was planning on submitting a presentation for
Agile2013 I would graciously bow out or offer to help with a joint

   I'm interested in contributing more officially on the project and I was
wondering where I could be of use? I've been a professional software
developer for 15 years and I work in my day job as a technical lead with
John Deere working on connecting data from field equipment directly into
web applications (so I'm very interested in streams!).

anyway, do you need api testers? developers? I was curious about if you
have a backlog somewhere to get a idea of what you are planning on working
on next?

Ryan Bergman

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