Feedback on possible extra language features

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at
Mon Jan 14 02:39:10 PST 2013

Following the hg commits, there seem to be three possible additional
language tweaks around lambdas. Here is some feedback from me and my

1) Static methods on interfaces
Collesgaues: Viewed positively, although will take a while to get used
to the new design possibilities
Me: For JSR-310, we have two classes waiting to disappear once this
feature is confirmed.

2) Private methods on interfaces
Colleagues: Less certainty as to how this would get used, but expect
it be useful in making interfaces more trait-like.
Me: No immediate need to use this in JSR-310

3) Package scope modifier on classes and interfaces
Colleagues: About **** time. Strong desire to use it everywhere and
eliminate default scope and /* package */ "comment modifiers".
Me: Want to ensure that coding standards across the JDK are changed so
that the default scope is not used anywhere - classes or interfaces.

Hope this helps

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